Standard Features Missing in Opera – IMAP4 QUOTA Extension

Another standard feature that's missing in Opera's built-in mail client is support for the IMAP4 QUOTA extension.

In some mail clients like Thunderbird, if your IMAP server account has a storage limit (and most do) and it supports QUOTA, you can check the properties of an IMAP folder to see how much space your messages are taking and what the limit is. In Thunderbird's case, each IMAP folder reports the total space used for the account and not the IMAP folder in question (because they all share the same quota root of "").

Opera doesn't support this at all so you can't tell how much of your quota you've used up. You have to rely on your mail provider's webmail if there is one.

3 Replies to “Standard Features Missing in Opera – IMAP4 QUOTA Extension”

  1. It’s worth noticing that there’s Manage, “mail” command, which shows the size of each folder among other information about them.

  2. Yeh, that should be the “>>” button from “Shift + F12 -> buttons -> panels” that you can add to the mail panel toolbar.

  3. True, that is a nice trick but that window only shows the local file sizes. So if you only download headers, it won’t show the size it uses on the server. If you download full messages it should show the size used on the server.It shouldn’t be too much work to implement this though…

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