Standard Features Missing in Opera – Mail Read Receipts

Another standard feature missing in Opera's built-in mail client is support for read receipts.

In other clients, here's how it works:

When you send a message, you have the option to request that the recipient sends you a read receipt so that you know they got the message and read it.

In the outgoing message, all that's added is a "Disposition-Notification-To" header that has the same value as the "From" header. The recipient's client will detect this header and ask the recipient if he wants to send a receipt message to you confirming that he read the message.

If the recipient chooses yes, the client will send back to you a "multipart/report; report-type=disposition-notification;" message with the subject of the received message prefixed by "Return Receipt (foo) – " where foo is "displayed" or "deleted" for example.

The receipt message consists of 3 parts:

  1. A text/plain part mentioning that the message is a return receipt.
  2. A message/disposition-notification part that contains UA info specified via the Reporting-UA, Final-Recipient, Original-Message-ID and Disposition headers.
  3. A text/rfc822-headers part that contains the headers of the message you sent to the recipient.

Then, when you get this message back, your client displays the parts of the receipt message.

Opera doesn't support any of this.

This is basically all covered by RFC5337. But, Opera only needs to support what other mail clients support.

However, note that many Opera users are against this because:

  1. This whole thing breaks if the recipient refuses to send a read receipt. And, most recipients do refuse to send a receipt.
  2. The sender can always just say "let me know if you get this", which has the same chance of getting a result as a read receipt. So, why have a complex request and confirm feature that does the same as simple text?
  3. A read receipt request is less personal than "Let me know if you get this" to the point that the request is offensive to many users.
  4. This breaks if the recipient's client doesn't support read receipts while the "let me know if you get this" text will have a chance to work in any client.

But, with that said, many senders *rely* on read receipts and are lucky enough to have recipients that play along. And, the senders don't like to mix "let me know if you get this" with the content of their messages. Given that, it's something that the developers of other mail clients felt was a required feature.

9 Replies to “Standard Features Missing in Opera – Mail Read Receipts”

  1. Most email programs have already been employed in the “Automatic Replay” and some even confirm if an email “Unread” is deleted. Through a Unread Message least I know that the recipient has deleted without being read my message.

  2. I do miss it as well. Other mailprogramms do built this in, but you can switch off that service if you don’t want it.So I don’t understand why Opera does not support this and give anyone who uses it the chance to switch it off if you don’t want to get these questions.Everybody happy.

  3. Anonymous writes:I also miss this feature in Opera for the opposite reason. I always disable this feature in mail client. When this is missing, I do not know, whether it is because of missing feature, or because of automatic behavior without the option to turn it off.

  4. Anonymous writes:I have a person that is renown to not respond to mail, though if the message is flagged as “Disposition-Notification-To”, he/she does actually click ‘yes notify sender that i opened the mail’, so for me this missing feature in opera mail is a show-stopper, and i have to open another mail client just to email this specific user.Is there not a trick way to add the disposition notification as a freeflow header line to make it work without opera-mail having this feature?

  5. Maciek writes:I miss this feature as well. In general, a mail client should offer its users more features and let them decide which ones to use rather than decide for them.

  6. Anonymous writes:Hello, in the mobile phones SMS service support this feature – delivery and read receipt… and you can simply enable or disable it in settings as you wish. My advice to Opera is to include this feature in the future versions of the browser. Don’t make me feel disappointed 😉

  7. itsmeee writes:This is becoming a real SHOW STOPPER of Opera Mail for me. I have to open another mail client just to email a few special users. Come on Opera, please build in this feature.

  8. OMG, almost every other client I’ve used has this functionality. The fact that M2 doesn’t have this shows that M2 will never be a full featured email client.

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