Standard Features Missing in Opera – Forward Message as Attachment

Another standard feature missing in Opera is support for forwarding a message as an attachment.

With Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Sylpheed for example, you get an explicit "Forward as attachment" option that composes a new message with the original message attached as a message/rfc822 attachment (the data of the attachment is basically the original source of the message).

Then, if you get a message like this, you can choose to open the attachment as a separate message.

Opera doesn't support this and you have to do the following to work around it:

  1. Open the message and ctrl + s to save the message as file.mbs
  2. Rename file.mbs to file.eml.
  3. Open file.eml in a text editor and remove the "From " line (the first line) to make it look like the eml format.
  4. Goto "Ctrl + F12 -> advanced -> downloads", edit the message/rfc822 type and add ",eml" to its extension list.
  5. Ctrl + m to compose new message and type the original subject prefixed by "Fwd: ".
  6. Attach file.eml to the message.

Now, in Opera, you can attach mbs files to a message and they'll be sent with an application/mime type where supporting clients will recognize the attachments as messages. And, if Opera sees a message like this, it'll shows the original messages embedded with a border (but no way to open it separately). But, this doesn't work in as many clients as the message/rfc822 way. Either way, being able to explicitly "forward as attachment" (even for text-only messages) is nice.

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  1. Originally posted by hallvors:Why is this nice?* Doing it as message/rfc822 is nicer for compatibility.* Doing it without having to save to disk, compose a new message and attach the file is just easier/faster/less work/increases productivity.* Forwarding a message as an attachment is nice because the recipient gets the original source of the message without any changes.As for why sending a received message to someone that they can then view, save, import etc. is nice, are you looking for examples of why someone would want to do that?

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