Standard Features Missing in Opera – Print Header/Footer Templates

Another standard feature missing in Opera is support for controlling what's printed in the header and footer.

Via "print -> page setup", Firefox and IE have drop-downs so you can specify what goes in the header and footer. For example, you can choose "title", "url", "page number", "page number out of total pages", "date" and "time" etc. You can even choose "empty" so nothing gets printed out for that drop-down. They even allow you to create custom entries in the drop-down.

Any program that prints should have options to configure the headers and footers.

Opera (on windows at least, Mac at least seems to have some of these options) doesn't have any of that. All you have is a checkbox for turning printing of headers and footers on or off. You can't even configure them separately.

8 Replies to “Standard Features Missing in Opera – Print Header/Footer Templates”

  1. Originally posted by p1w:Yes it does. You can change the options here opera:config#Printer That has nothing to do with header templates.

  2. Deepak writes:Thanks to P1w, it does work. As for Header templates, you can configure what should go i Print Left Footer String, etc. This is a super solution for the posted query.

  3. Anonymous writes:Would like to add to the above point that Opera seems to be different on Mac and Windows. Opera on Mac has the Print Left Footer String option in print:config(#printer) but in Opera in Windows this option is missing.Not sure what Opera is thinking.

  4. RichinLondon writes:opera:config#Printer simply redirects to opera://settings/#Printer on windows which actually does not even contain a Printer section, so while this might work on Mac is does NOT solve the question for Windows.

  5. Originally posted by anonymous:Anonym writes:anyone who knows how it works in opera 18 ?Doesn’t look like Opera 18 has any options for this either.

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