Onceover covers Peter Gabriel’s “In your eyes”

One of my favorite bands is Onceover from Toledo, OH.


Some songs:

Some videos:

You can even request some of their songs at http://chronixradio.com/

They have even more stuff if you can find it.

Anyway, I just checked out their myspace page and noticed they did a cover of Peter Gabriel's "In your eyes". It's pretty cool.

Even if you don't like the cover, check out some of their songs. "Long for summer", "Far and way" and "Fragile circles" are all awesome.

In fact, read the lyrics description for Fragile Circles.

the song lyrics were basically spawned from our guitarist nate. in the past, he was dating a girl, and during the relationship she started to become very very attachted. nate was uncomfortable because she could tell everything about him and what was in his head……eventually nate got scared and had to break it off. on the last day they saw eachother the girl gave him a scrapbook of poetry she wrote about him, he never opened it up to read it.. about 7 months later, unfortunalty, she commited suicide by hanging her self….after nate found this out, he opened up the book and read the poetry…..there were extremely beautiful and heart felt words in it. this song touched him in a way that made him think of this expirience…..and the whispering in the background during the verses is nate reading some of the words she wrote to him….hopefully people connect with this song and understand that suicide isn't and never will be a way out…and that you are loved if you know it or not……

That's deep.

If you like any of their songs or lyrics etc., make sure you grab them now. Bands like these tend to come and go and all their stuff disappears when they break up.

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