My Top 5 Opera wishes

Looks like I'm it.

1. Support for printing and copying rich content in a selection.

Just about every other browser can do those things.

I've been waiting a really, really, really long time for this one.

Using CutePDF writer + Ghostscript, printing to pdf, loading up a pdf reader, selecting what you want printed and finally printing just does not cut it.

Getting the HTML markup of a selection range, converting it and using an external app or using editable content and an external app just to copy rich content also does not cut it.

2. Auto-scroll support for overflown divs.

IE can do it. Firefox can do it if you have All-in-one gestures installed.

3. Right-click context menu and middle-click support for the bookmarks *menu* on Windows.

I'm sorry, the bookmarks panel is just not for me.

4. Option to stop the Auto-scroll marker from going to the center of the screen.

I don't care if the current way is better. I don't like it. Let me do it the wrong way.

5. A console for executing JS like Firebug's Console.

(Click the ^ on the input field in Firebug to type a full script and run it.)

I could keep going, but I'll leave it at 5. 🙂

I'll tag a random 5. (already-been-tagged status of false not guaranteed)


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